What are we up to?

So many different things going on here I am finding it tricky to keep up! We have been spending lots of time working on our new website. I do believe we are not too far off now! Some of the changes are already up but heaps more to come! I can’t wait till it is live!

We are reading this fantastic book which just happens to have a chapter written by ME!!! (however I am not reading that chapter!!)

You can find out more about it here LOMOKEV.

Just finished editing an engagement session for this adorable couple.  We photographed this session in the beautiful Bangalow. It was a total delight working with these two!

Have you seen this wedding blog site? VERY COOL! I am completely honored to be featured on it sometimes!
Love Olio, the most creative wedding photographers in the world.

Another thing that is keeping us super busy is Earnest. Having a dog is a little harder then I thought it would be!!! (yes mum, you were right!!)

Earnest is not a little guy anymore and we have had a bit of strict strike!! (STRICT STRIKE – a word my dear friend Aaron used while growing up together… My family was VERY strict and his not as much but after hanging out with my family his parents always went on a ‘strict strike’ for 2 weeks after. I am hoping we can last longer then 2 weeks!)

Even though Earnest is rather a handful…  we are getting there and enjoy his funny ears. When we are at the beach they catch the wind and stand straight up!!

You can see a funny shot of what they normally look like HERE.