A girl and her dog. Brisbane portrait photography

I am so proud to see I am blogging 2 days in a row!! 😉

Here is an adorable portrait session I did with the very cute Jessica. She is the perfect subject!

Jessica has recently got a very cute and energetic dog named Tiffany. Tiffany liked to lick my knees while I worked and jump all over me… I was just grateful she is not as big as our Earnest! All that energy!! However Jess did manage to snag a cuddle for a few moments!!

I know people say that you shouldn’t work with pets and children… but I think they make the perfect combination!!

And lastly because I promised Jessica I can make her eyes blink!! Here she is with the most beautiful big blue eyes!

Are you interested in a fun family shoot or child portrait session before Christmas?? You will need to book now! The next few months are very busy and I would hate for you to miss out!! Feel free to email or give us a call!