You Can't Be Serious As soon as I saw her work, I knew immediately that I would do whatever it takes to work with her! Hailey has an energy and creative vision that makes her a rare talent. She has an incredible ability to connect with people and help them to be themselves on camera, as well as engaging and inspiring her crew in a way that makes them love (LOVE) to get to work on shoots with her. Ever the absolute professional, Hailey is a dream to work with, an amazing storyteller, and an all-round excellent human being.
Intrepid Global Travel
You Can't Be Serious I've worked on a number of projects with Hailey over the last four years. Her instinctual eye and ability to craft emotional storytelling is second to none. She puts the talent at ease and her creative process is very organic, offering flexibility to make the most of each scenario. Hailey creates wonderful, authentic brand stories and is a pleasure to work with.
You Can't Be Serious Hailey has understood our brand from the start. Working with the topic of cancer is difficult – it needs both sensitivity and courage which Hailey brings in equal measure. Her ability to draw out what matters to the person she is interviewing has been crucial to explaining Icon’s story. She is diligent and handles our doctors, people and patients with the respect and care they deserve throughout the process. Hailey continues to encapsulate Icon through video and photography every single time we work with her.
ICON Group
You Can't Be Serious Hailey has single-handedly helped to define our charity's visual style and presence through her photography and film work. Hailey is meticulous, innovative, dedicated and incredibly talented, bringing magic to everything she touches. She is a delight to work with – deeply respectful of our needs and the sensitivities that surround our work on the ground, as well as being strategic and driven, ensuring she is always one step ahead and continually anticipating our needs.
You Can't Be Serious Hailey is a unique talent with an instinct for capturing authentic ‘human’ moments. Her exceptional EQ and innate documentarian curiosity means her eye is connected to her heart. The result is a filmmaker who is exceptional at exploring fresh new angles and finding beauty in ordinary everyday stuff.

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