Personal Projects

365 Grateful

365 Grateful is a project started by Hailey back in 2008 that has grown into an online community, three short films and a book published world-wide by Penguin. During the project, Hailey took one photo every day of something she was grateful for. This discipline helped her to see and celebrate the good in her own life and affected not only the way she felt spiritually and physically but it improved her relationships with others too.

Beautiful Becoming

Beautiful Becoming is a video I made for my daughter’s 18th birthday. In fully seeing the magic of her life, inspiration found me and became an instigator for so much of my own growth. It helped awaken in me my desire to become a better human. In a strange, beautiful twist, my children have become my greatest teachers. If I had not stopped, not taken the time to see what was right in front of me, I may have missed this lesson.

My Happy Heart

My Happy Heart is an animated series that explores the stories of a collection of diverse characters on a quest to nurture their happy heart; introducing children to healthy approaches they can use to live a happier life and look after their wellbeing. My Happy Heart champions children to take hold of their power by asking themselves, ‘What makes my heart happy?’