Suse says…

Once a month I meet up with Suse, a very inspiring woman and dear friend. We chat and take photos and sometimes film. Each time I leave inspired and feeling like the world is an amazing and great place!
I thought it would be mean to keep her all to myself! So every month I will load a few photos or video or a chat we have had.

When I met Suse and started getting to know her I was amazed at how much fun, delight and spunk she had. She made me hopeful about growing older!
Maybe growing old doesn’t mean we have to fade into the background of life. Maybe I will be like Suse. Full of life, ageless, free and inspire people wherever I go. When you’re with Suse you forget about age, you begin to feel alive and excited about what life has to offer, you remember what is important!
Suse is 72years old and has spent a fair bit of her life resisting the status quo. She is feisty and passionate and no matter what we discuss I am sure it will be lively and thought provoking!

This month we discussed books… Hope you enjoy Suse too.

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