Suncorp – Brighter Futures!

About 18 months ago, I wrote down that I wanted to do more commercial work, and especially work that had a bit of HEART.

Not long after that I started working for Suncorp Group!

They have the most amazing program called ‘Brighter Futures’ and I am so proud to be involved in a small way. I was hired to take a series of images and you can see some in the posters below and others in a series posted here.

Brighter Futures is all about helping the staff of Suncorp feel fulfilled and have meaning. The research that goes into this program is amazing and being able to see the benefits of what they do was an honor.

From documenting personal stories of people who had been put forward for grants, to staff who had been fundraising for the charity they believed in…
All this made for an amazing job with an beautiful group of people.

You can see a small part of that below.

You can find out more about the program HERE.

This film along with others in the series was Produced by You Can’t Be Serious! in conjunction with Rem Bruijn from BrainHeart.
Editing at Cutting Edge, Brisbane by Digby Hogan.

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