30 Day filming project – WINNERS!!

We have spent the last week trying to judge this competition.
There were so many amazing films that it was incredibly hard to pick a winner. Over 100 entries and so many so so so many wonderful ones!
Really this is just a small selection of many creative and fun films. I hope you are all encouraged and feel very proud of your work… you sure did make my job hard!! GREAT work!

To everyone who entered and pushed themselves into something new… CONGRATULATIONS and I loved watching your work. It was my honor and I hope you enjoy making many more films!

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The overall winner is Kathleen for this film below. “Home is with YOU”

We have another award from my editor Digby Hogan for this entry below. It is AMAZING!

There are 4 runner ups below, each one so lovely!



30 days of grateful from flamencofilm on Vimeo.

Thankyou to everyone who entered!!