365 Gratefuls is here!

It is with great excitement I write this post.
We finally have a copy of 365 gratefuls book in our hot little hands! When Andrew opened the box and handed me a copy I was not really expecting to feel anything… but then something hit me.

It really has been the most extraordinary journey. 365 grateful has been teaching me things for the last 5 years and keeps on giving. I feel very lucky to be able to hold part of the journey in my hands along with so many other amazing people’s gratefuls! It is a small book but a huge milestone for this project and for us personally. We are excited that we are also in the final stages of the film and can’t wait to have them sitting side by side. Hope you laugh and cry reading it too. There are so many wonderful stories within it’s little pages.

We’ve just been told by the publisher that it will be on sale from April 2, 2013 in the US, wherever books are sold including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, independent bookstores and direct from Penguin. Stay tuned for details of international release dates.

You can pre-order your copy HERE!

If you would like to WIN a copy of this book leave a comment below with what you are grateful for! You have until the 10th of April to enter!!