Let’s road trip!


Last week I had a lull between waiting for files and exporting and importing and a range of jobs at annoyingly slow stages…
So I edited something I wanted to edit. IT was so fun!!!! With my job being more and more film-making (which I love) I have noticed I haven’t finished anything for our family in quite sometime!

In January this year we hired 2 kombi’s and set off with some of our dearest friends on a road trip down the Great Ocean Rd.
A lifelong dream of mine is to own a renovated Kombi, so we did a test run using these great Kombi’s from Kombi Australia.

We didn’t have much of a plan. Actually that was the best thing about it. We just started driving. Stopped when we wanted to – kept going when we wanted to. No deadlines or time frames, just fun. We would camp when we found a lovely spot to camp and then when we woke kept going.

Sometimes when I can’t decide if I want to film or take photos I tend to take photos like I am filming… this actually is a perfect example of that!

Hope you enjoy this little stop motion below!


Our road tripping tips are…
-no deadlines, just find the fun each day.
-free camping is better then official camp spots except for the fact there are no showers or toilets… (we only camped one night in a camp ground and that was not as much fun at all… love the quiet, seclusion of finding a great spot alone. Love the adventure of finding somewhere off the beaten track but safe… love the discovery of leeches and having to go to the loo bush style… makes for more adventure!)
– food… lots of breakfast supplies are a must as everyone wakes early in the van and is hungry. We did most other food on the fly.
-have warm and cool clothing cause it seemed to change lots! We were freezing quite a few nights.

We had the very best fun!! 😉