Chicago and L.A photography

We have been back from the U.S for nearly 3 weeks but only tonight have I managed to look over the shots we took. Ahhh… so so many fun fun memories!

I went to Chicago to do a job for a fantastic company based there. It was a wonderful time and I hope soon to post more about that job. Not only was it a fun little film to make, but the people I met were amazing! Inspiring and extremely good to me!!

We didn’t think the kids and Andrew would be able to come but last minute (the week before) we managed to juggle it! They stayed in L.A while I went tripping off to Chicago by myself. I am rarely without my gorgeous kids and Andrew, so being alone I thought would be hard – but it was fantastic! 😉 I had a ball! Will talk more about that when I can share the video with you.

When the job was finished I headed back to my little family and we had a fantastic time playing around Santa Monica and all the other fun things to do in L.A.

Here are a few pics from Chicago.

Then back in L.A doing what it seems everyone does… ride bikes! And also a little less popular – dig very deep holes and nearly get lost in them…

I had my birthday over there and went to the largest LOMOGRAPHY store in the world! Yippeeee! I also managed to purchase another plastic fantastic for my collection!

Lastly we met up with my totally fantastic brother and his cute family.

They drove ALL the way from Colorado to visit us!! 😉 We had the best time hanging out with them and even went to the ‘Happiest place on Earth!’ Disneyland of course. (and despite my skepticism it was so fun! – except for the part where we lost my brother’s 5 year old daughter for half an hour…urg!) Seeing my brother and his family was wonderful… So fun we are going to have to plan another trip!