Let’s road trip!


Last week I had a lull between waiting for files and exporting and importing and a range of jobs at annoyingly slow stages…
So I edited something I wanted to edit. IT was so fun!!!! With my job being more and more film-making (which I love) I have noticed I haven’t finished anything for our family in quite sometime!

In January this year we hired 2 kombi’s and set off with some of our dearest friends on a road trip down the Great Ocean Rd.
A lifelong dream of mine is to own a renovated Kombi, so we did a test run using these great Kombi’s from Kombi Australia.

We didn’t have much of a plan. Actually that was the best thing about it. We just started driving. Stopped when we wanted to – kept going when we wanted to. No deadlines or time frames, just fun. We would camp when we found a lovely spot to camp and then when we woke kept going.

Sometimes when I can’t decide if I want to film or take photos I tend to take photos like I am filming… this actually is a perfect example of that!

Hope you enjoy this little stop motion below!


Our road tripping tips are…
-no deadlines, just find the fun each day.
-free camping is better then official camp spots except for the fact there are no showers or toilets… (we only camped one night in a camp ground and that was not as much fun at all… love the quiet, seclusion of finding a great spot alone. Love the adventure of finding somewhere off the beaten track but safe… love the discovery of leeches and having to go to the loo bush style… makes for more adventure!)
– food… lots of breakfast supplies are a must as everyone wakes early in the van and is hungry. We did most other food on the fly.
-have warm and cool clothing cause it seemed to change lots! We were freezing quite a few nights.

We had the very best fun!! 😉

  • http://www.rowetimson.com rowe

    oh my… adore this so so much! i want to do this trip with you guys so bad! actually, i dont care where we go… just as long as its in combis!

  • http://carolinaphotosmith.com/blog Jennifer

    I don’t think I could love this more. So full of fun, adventure, cute kids and cool wheels!

  • http://www.toddhuntermcgaw.com.au alyda

    the world is a better place with you guys in it.

  • http://winterwheatphotography.com Misty


  • Hailey

    thanks Misty! Well mostly I think I am just so very happy to be doing what I love to do! 😉 Thanks for the comment and enjoying my art.

  • Hailey

    aw man! I am luckiest! 😉 thanks lovely

  • Hailey

    thanks so much! 😉 very cool wheels!

  • Hailey

    Oh yes lets!!!

  • http://www.documentingdelight.com Georgia

    This is SO awesome and fun! I want to do this! But our truck is not pretty like a kombi! Poppy steals the show a little, she’s awesome!

  • Hailey

    yes but it is bigger… 😉 you could paint it cool??

  • Jacqui

    Love this post Miss Hailey – such a fun little adventure xo

  • Doc

    Hi Guys Last pic is Kennett river go up grey river road and camp at bridge and at night will see the glow worms Enjoy

  • Kristina

    Love love love……..Just me all over. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hailey

    oh thanks lovely one! 😉 Was a good adventure!

  • Doc

    Sorry did not realise your trip was done and dusted better get a kombi now foe more trips

  • Hailey

    hi there! No worries at all! Still appreciate the tip!

  • al

    Hi Hailey, a pal introduced me to your blog a while back when you were calling for little people with big voices, and since then I have been stuck by your story telling. I LOVE this blog, it makes me happy. Your whimsy is lovely. :)

  • Hailey

    thanks Al! So glad you enjoy!! 😉 thanks for taking the time to tell me!!

  • Sheye

    Ah, so lovely! Makes me want to bundle everyone up and head off into the yonder. Inspiring as always! xo

  • http://www.sarahblackphotography.com.au/blog sarah

    well you know I love those people too, so just WOW, thankyou for making such a beautiful story of your kombi trip. That photo of Poppy and Noah just kills me! Best ever!

  • Hailey

    😉 Best idea ever! Do it! (maybe when the twins are bigger!) Would make the cutest video all your gang!

  • http://www.ginibee.fr gin

    Absolutely awesome!!! I’ll visit Australia for 3 months next January, I’m seriously thinking of getting in touch with Kombi Australia!!! Thanks for that one and what an awesome time you must have had!!! and as always, i love your pics and videos!! Cheers, gin

  • http://www.melriddell.com Mel Riddell

    This is so completely wonderful! Big smiles watching that. Love it!! x

  • http://skunkboyblog.com skunkboy

    Love your family and your adventures (and photography) so much!!

  • Hailey

    aw thanks so much! Feel the same way whenever I check out what you are up to lovely!

  • Hailey

    oh thanks! So glad you enjoyed!

  • Hailey

    I totally recommend you do! 😉

  • Ludwien

    Well, these are my dreamcars. Maybe one day…

  • http://www.worldwidervhi RV rental

    Nice & lovely family..it remind me my childhood.. Thanks a lot…

  • http://wwabautomatics.com.au/ Allen

    Trip to such a destination would definitely be fun and that too on cool wheels like the one in the above picture.

  • Emily

    love this!! We just booked a Kombi for a week. Any other key tips for me? best places you stopped? Any other essentials we should pack?

  • http://www.expertremovalists.com.au/ John@ExpertRemovalist

    Don’t stop exploring the wonders of the world guys. Keep it up and be safe always. I wish i could also do that with my wife and kids.

  • Ian

    Hi! Nice pictures. Could you share your itinerary if you do not mind? i will be renting a Kombi for a trip to the Great Ocean Road too! Thank you!

  • Tracy

    Ha ha – gorgeous. Looks like such fun.