Really useful gifts!

I am seeing everywhere I go the beginning of Christmas mayhem! Yes indeedy, only 10 weeks apparently and Christmas will be here! EEEK!

While I was in India I had the pleasure of working with a fantastic organization TEAR Australia who with their amazing partners are doing all they can to help transform the lives of the poor and marginalized in India. It was my honor to hear and see the stories of communities being empowered with the knowledge, confidence and tools to work towards their own development.
I took so many photos of sooo many great projects. This one ties in nicely for Christmas! Actually a lot of them do and I will feature a few more shortly.
So what about buying all your family and friends chicken’s for families in India? It enables them to have healthy food for their families and if they get a few chickens they even can make a little income selling the eggs.
Here is one beautiful family, who were given chickens through one of TEARs fantastic India partner projects. They even helped them build a coop to house their growing chickens in! How about going and buying a really useful gift?? Here!!

I also just finished up making a promo video for TEARs USEFUL GIFTS campaign. A fantastic way to share with your friends and family a great ‘gift’ idea.
Take a look and if you like it please do share it around. Also… if you don’t like chickens maybe you would prefer buying an organic kitchen garden starter kit?? Or a goat?

I have to say special thanks to Aaron for making music for me and Natala for being a prop and assistant star and for the lovely Pancho for editing up a storm!