proud parent.


Sometimes I want to change this blog into just the things I feel like blogging about. 😉 My kids and my life and the choices we make and the journey.

So today I will humor myself and do what I want!

I am not entirely sure where the little baby I had 13years ago is gone. Here in her place is a very stylish young lady…  all grown up and already living her dreams. Above is a couple photos I took for her ‘fashion’ posts on her blog.

When we got Zali some blogging lessons 1.5 years ago we had no idea how much it would mean to her. She has invested so much time and love into her baby blog and is doing such a great job!! I am one very proud Mama.

Please go check it out and if you have any young miss-es or friends you can share it with Zali would so appreciate it!