I found a bear on the street.

This last week our youngest turned 8yrs old! It is amazing to think that our baby is so big.

Poppy is full of sparkle and fun. She is great at giving bear hugs… hence her birthday present!

While 8 seems rather big and grown up and I sometimes feel a tiny bit sad at the passing of babyhood. (No more tubby little bellies or chubby cheeks.) She is so tall and tends to tell me things like they are.

It is an honor to be her mum. I am amazed at the wonderful person who I am getting to know. I am the luckiest! Not baby but girl.

A lovely Bear girl.

You’re most likely going to ask… Where can I get my own sweet teddy bear hat?? WE LOVE these fantastic hats by Spirithoods.

Also Poppy is wearing POLKA our most favorite children’s clothing label!! GET SOME HERE!