India.. when can I come back?

I have so many photos from India I don’t know what to do!

I have to keep most of the work I was doing there a little bit under wraps for now but will tell more about that soon!! I can’t wait to show you the beautiful stories and people I met with while in India. But for this post, a few shots from my travels.

When I arrived in Delhi I had a sense that I was about to go on a great adventure.

I was so right! Everything about India was remarkable!

From crazy driving to being lost in the middle of the night… from staying in strange ‘hotels’ with pre-warmed beds to walking down hills so steep it would be easier to slide down… to sitting with inspiring women and watching their eyes light up as they excitedly talk about how they help their communities… from slums to villages to the tailor who made me laugh and offered me loads of Chai. From the girl I scared and made her drop the water that took her 1.5hrs to get… to the dogs that scared me at night and made me grab my friends hand in terror – to the stunning women of India who are elegant and beautiful even while draped precariously on the back of crazy fast scooters.

ADVENTURE was had. In fact of all the countries I’ve been to I have never felt so connected and delighted with a country before.

So thank you India for inspiring me. For a sense of perspective that can only come from having lunch in a house the size of my laundry. For the colour and people who made my stay fantastic. Thank you! “Achchacha”