Marvellous Melbourne

Hi Friends!

It’s been an extraordinarily busy time for You Can’t Be Serious! We’ve been to far flung corners of the world, Australia, Queensland and our local Indian restaurant. In fact Hailey is in Kenya as I write, no doubt dodging hippos and mosquitos while trying to get the perfect shot. This year looks like being no less exciting, unpredictable and creative than last year, or the year before that. We’ll do our best to keep you up to date with what we’re up to along the way!

One of the most fun assignments we’ve had recently was a pre-Christmas trip to Melbourne for a Queensland client. They wanted us to try to capture a bit of what makes Melbourne… Melbourne! As former residents of that fine city we knew it was a challenge we were definitely up for! Melbourne is a city famous for so many things: cafes, laneways, street art, great architecture, fascinating citizens, restaurants, theatre, culture, sporting venues and occasional sunshine to name but a few. Oh the struggle I had sampling coffee after coffee in an attempt to get the perfect shot. And all the wonderful food we had to force ourselves to eat… And all those wonderful buildings with fascinating details that I could be distracted by! (Speaking of which, if you’d like to see more of my architectural/design/structure pictures from Melbourne and elsewhere, on Instagram, please check out @surfistatomate!)

Anyway, enough from me. Here is a taste of Melbourne. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it.

We’ll see you again soon!