‘LOVE’ -new short doco film! –

We are in pre-production for a lovely little film on love. Here is our info poster. (I am rather excited about this project!)

Would love to hear what YOU think of LOVE. (we are after stories of LOVE between partners not so much love for your kids or others:)

•    Is your love un-conditional?

•    Can you think of a time when you were amazed by your love?

•   Can you think of an example or time recently when you felt really loved by your partner? What was it?

•   In your relationship what has been events or things you have done that has strengthened or made your relationship grow?

Please let us know your thoughts, no pressure for interviews. However we would love to hear from you if your interested too!

Maybe you know someone who has been in love a long time or a relationship you know, that you admire?? Feel free to send the info out to friends and family who might be interested. (we can only interview people in Australia – unless someone wants to fly me O.S!!!).

However we would love to hear your thoughts even if you don’t want to be interviewed!