L.A art.

I feel like our recent trip to the U.S was a delightful dream! Lucky I have photos to prove I actually got to experience that wonderful trip!

We will be posting some images from the NY part of our trip soon but I wanted to remind all the lovely peeps out there that the 365grateful competition is very nearly OVER!! You have 2 short days to get your entries in!! Click here to find out more!

I am grateful for many things right now but today I want to share this grateful…

While on my trip one of the things that totally delighted me about L.A was all the very cool street art. If you follow Andrew and I on Instagram you probably saw that I was slightly obsessed. (IG names are – haileybe & surfistatomato)

So I took a few photos of the art we saw…

I feel so very grateful to these artists for taking the time to share their art for free all over the streets. How cool is that! Everywhere we traveled I was constantly saying… OOH stop… stop.. I have to get a photo of this one too! This artwork made me so happy. So many beautiful messages or amazing talent shared on the streets!

So I leave you today with my grateful…. Street art in L.A and the lovely artists who made each of these… THANK YOU for sharing happiness!!

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