A little girl with great big dreams.

Here is my latest promo video for photographer Sue Bryce. I did another last year… you can see it here.

Working with Sue is amazing. She just finished a big presentation over here on CREATIVE LIVE! Go and watch it!!I am not a modern glamour photographer or even a serious portrait photographer but watching Sue is fascinating!!

More importantly she is an inspiring and brave woman that I admire very much. I love how Sue is full of life and enthusiasm. She is grateful and alive! Hanging out with Sue is soul food. I am going to be hanging out with Sue more in January as we talk on Creative LIVE together!! Yahooo! I can’t wait! We will be showing you how to make films for your business!

Anna the talent in this film is also a rather inspiring character! She is training for the Olympic Games… just 17 years old and already sponsored by NIKE for her long distance running. She is fast… very fast… I had to ask her to slow down lots. 😉

Hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it!

(will be back shortly with more films!! Been very busy month here!!)