Instagram I LOVE you!

Sometimes I am a tad slow on the uptake with the latest social fads. Actually always!! (twitter is only just getting the occasional tweet from me!)

About a month ago I discovered the joys of instagram and I can’t recommend it enough! Not just for photographers but everyone can take a photo on the phone and do a quick slick little process and within a couple of seconds sharing it with all their friends!

I spent a whole year taking Polaroid photos of things I was grateful for

After this a whole year taking iphone photos and sharing them with my lovely friend Autumn here.

Now everyday I am taking photos (as many as I like) of all the little things that make me smile or delight me. These little things aren’t little. All together they make up something BIG.

Seems to be I like the colour RED. A LOT! So if you want to find out more about instagram head over here.

ok… back to work now! 😉