Like finding a million dollars…

A few months ago we were walking along the beach near our house with some friends of ours.
Chatting about who knows what and enjoying the beautiful sea breeze. An ordinary day for someone who lives close to the beach.

Up ahead near some bushes I saw something amazing. Something I will never forget! Something I think was planted for me by the universe!

A TRAMPOLINE!!! It had no legs and was just big enough to drag around, yet still big enough to get some decent bounce. I don’t think I could have been more delighted if I found a million dollars.

We went home to get shovels and I made the guys dig me a decent hole in the sand and then for the next couple hours I played with kids and watched them fly across the beach sky. I felt delighted for days. In fact whenever I think of this… I feel like God winked at me. I am now calling this a godwink moment.

Below is a little animated gif. Shouldn’t take long to load!

If I ever feel down, I run through my collection of these types of moments. Moments just like this that made me feel insanely happy or reminded me that I am cared for. And that my love of life and delight in it is important to the universe. These moments are the sweet treasures to be enjoyed along the path.

Got any moments like this you feel like telling us about? Leave us a note and share your ‘life is grand’ or ‘godwink’ moment with us. We would love to hear about it.