We are so excited to introduce the newest memeber of our family!!

Earnest…. a little big Great DANE puppy. He is 8 weeks old and the most fun ever.

It has taken me 3 days to work out how to photograph a puppy. He is not exactly obedient yet… however well on his way. It is rather tricky to photograph him while holding his lead and the camera!! He loves to snuggle up and climb all over me especially when I get down low to take a photo. My camera has already had a little chew and a few licks too.

Ohhh we are in LOOOVEEE!! When he arrived Poppy declared him beautiful and then started to cry… saying “Oh I promised myself I wouldn’t cry!!”

Zali and I have had a few conversations about love and loss. Mostly because our last pets were eaten up by our next door neighbors dog. It was a very traumatic day for the girls and one that left quite an impression on Zali. The very much loved chickens can be found here.

Having only had this little guy 3 days, we already love him so much and it is hard for Zali to not get worried about the possibility of one day losing him too. I love the conversations and amazing insights she has. We decided that all things are only on loan to us for a short time… even our family. So let’s enjoy these people and pets and things and delight in them today. When the time comes to say goodbye we will be sad. VERY sad. Maybe knowing all along they were not really ours will help a bit. Big concept for kids but I think she is on her way.

Hope you enjoy these pics of him.