Award winning!

Some months ago I was delighted to have one of my images WIN in a competition. I thought I would FINALLY post here the winning image!

This was for the Canon photo5 competition. It really is a fun competition, this years 5 items were ribbon, bubbles, crayon, cocktail umbrella and candle.
All these items were posted out to thousands of people around Australia.

My winning image was in the “ribbon” category, however 4 of my images were finalists!

Thankyou to all who voted for this image.

The prize was a $5000 canon voucher. Which I have already spent and received. (thanks Canon!)
Actually I thought I would post here my first video from my new 5dmark11.

This was last week while we were having a mini holiday down the coast – It rained a fair bit of the trip! Hope you enjoy.

Holidaying in Hastings from hailey bartholomew on Vimeo.

Also this song is by the fabulously talented Ryan and his band – check them out here!!!