If you go down to your local construction site today, you’re in for a big surprise…

Janet and Darrell were wanting a really fun idea for their engagement sitting… so I put a couple to them and, well, see below for the results!

I was sooo excited that they were happy to spend money on my crazy ideas and my super-fun little sister Bene and I had so much fun and laughter photographing them dancing around town with an inflatable love sign and oversized bear heads!

We have been dying to show you these shots since we photographed them awhile ago, but better late than never! Hope you enjoy them too!

  • tonn

    nice work…i love it. your work make me smile…^_________^

  • Olivia

    These are so cute. What an adorable photo shoot.

  • http://kladderadatsch-shop.blogspot.com/ Jenny

    lovely, just awesome. these pics are make me feel: gooooood 😉

  • http://semaecetoker.com/ sema

    Not sure what to say, amazing!
    Realization is so successful.
    Congrats Janet and Darrell.

  • Jeff

    OMG so adorableeeeeeeeeee!

  • camilla

    OMG I looooove these photos!
    Wanna make me go out and get bear heads and drag my boyfriend around, haha.
    Nice work!


  • http://www.joannstokes.com jo-ann

    Now that is what i call thinking outside of the box!!! Very cute, love it!

  • http://footro.pl Footro

    I like that very very very much! Congrats mate, you’ve produced a really refreshing piece of wedding material.

  • Janosch

    Adorable! And his suit is just awesome! Anybody a clue what brand that is?

  • http://heladodenata.blogspot.com/ Natalia Vanegas

    Fun & Cute!!! ♥ Love it!

  • http://architectstables.com Susie

    awwww…..It just goes to show that there is so much more to a portrait that what someones face looks like.

  • Natasha musa

    That’s just too cute. Awesome work!

  • jose crisanto

    It is very nice, cute and fun…. love it… congrats to janet and darell… this is amazing… great concept… very memorable…

  • http://www.FoxInFlats.com.au FoxInFlats

    Love this – super cute, super creative and shows their super personalities. Well done!

  • http://jamjarsandbunting.blogspot.com Adeline Keirle

    I love this soooooooooooooo much! They look so happy!!

  • Lady Chloe

    How cute! Looks like loads of fun!

  • http://www.brookeboling.com Brooke Boling

    So creative. You guys rocked it. AWESOME!!!

  • http://www.ameninaquenaopodia.blogspot.com Louise Lou

    Awesome! Too much creativity! I loved it!!

  • Anika

    Love those photo’s. Those bear heads are so cute ^^, where did you get them?

  • Namratha

    A unique album in every sense.Creative, fun and some heartfelt moments.

  • http://www.girlinthewhitedress.com Girl in the White Dress

    Superb photography and such creativity!!

  • http://rosalindgracedesigns.blogspot.com/ Rosalind

    These are great, they made me laugh out loud! Fabulous shots!

  • Keri

    This is so cute! Haha, I want you to do my photos when (if) i get married!! 😀

  • Pam Bradford

    Wow! Awesomely fun couple. Super inspiring shots, I had a smile from ear to ear looking at all of these.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/dayane_k/ Dayane

    Nice, last year I did something like that.

  • Iara

    I LOVE this photos! I want this when i get married !!!

  • Naty Uo

    So sweet!!! This is a real representation of LOVE!

  • http://wakeupandsmelltheazahar.blogspot.com Isi, Wake up & smell the azahar

    Best engagement session I’ve ever seen…I love it!

  • http://chocolateneeded.blogspot.com Morgan

    I love these pictures!! They are so adorably fantastic <3 Keep up the great work!

  • http://www.ohkayelove.com Kaye M.

    Holy love these!!! <3 So creative.

  • Massive05

    LOVE IT!!!! <3<3<3<3<3 very creative!!!

  • Nick

    OMGosh! This is totally awesome! Am going to share this… :)

  • http://jorjiapeach.blogspot.com jorjiapeach


  • xero

    very creative and refreshing !

  • http://asplashofida.blogspot.com Ida May Bueno

    These look so adorable!!! :-) what a nice concept! :-) its so playful and cool!


  • http://constructionmaterialsuppliersuk.com Construction Materials

    What great photos. Very out there……. love it!

  • ohdanyel

    These are SO CUTE! Amazing photos! Completely adorable!!!

  • val

    i have your photo im my mobile 😀 Loooove it

  • dee

    LOVE IT! And where can I get those animal masks please? :)

  • http://just-lala.polyvore.com/ Ale

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Olena

    Dreamers glow ))))) Love and HOPE are blinding !!)) Looks like camera was just there for them ! that’s the way!! xxx

  • http://www.hudsonvallelyphoto.com JEAN

    That is THE cutest engagement shoot I have EVER seen in my LIFE!!

    I LOVE IT!!! Love your work and name and everything!

  • Andrea

    Oh too cute, memorable, fun!

  • http://www.jodyryanphotographyblog.com jody

    Oh my i love this session. xxxx Fabulous!!!!!!

  • tori

    hey what camera do you use? great photos, love it!!!

  • http://www.picsbydarah.com Darah

    Do you ever sell prints?? I just want it as wall art. I am seriously in love with this set. Or do you ever sell desktop backgrounds?

  • Amy Grace

    I NEED the photo of them running in front of the blue wall in my house. Please say I can buy it as a print.