Us. A series of unrelated items.

We are in busy season now, however I love to procrastinate and so have a whole bunch of play photos to share!! 🙂

Here is Poppy.

I awoke the other day to find her all dressed like a mini suit.. Jacket, black hat, grey pants… white top and shoes. I asked her where she was off to and she replied that she was being a bit boyish today. (she is too cute!)


Here is my nephew being a little punk when I was babysitting him the other day. Whenever he comes to visit I can’t resist playing with his hair and taking photos…


Now a shot of some ducks I was chasing at a park. They were the sweetest little family. Poppy and I followed them around for ages trying to get photos… they really didn’t mind too much. 12 little ducklings – so sweet!


My darling little big girl who was singing when I took these shots. She makes me smile….


ooh and here is one of my sister’s dog… Bella.


Ok I really must do some real work now….