TRADING LIVES – a short film on human trafficking

Now for something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!

I recently just shot a short film for an organization (ACRATH) that work to stop human trafficking. It was an amazing project to be apart of. This film is going to be launched tomorrow along with their new website.

If your interested in finding out more take a look:

You can watch the film below but though there is nothing super scary in it I would not suggest it for kids.

Also the music is by my FANTASTIC and TALENTED FRIEND – Aaron! Check out more of his music here:

I really hope that you enjoy the film… or actually maybe not “enjoy” but feel inspired to help STOP this horrible disregard for fellow people.

I feel so grateful for the life I lead and hope that I can do something to help others who are less fortunate!

There are 27 million people enslaved today – join up and stop the trade in human lives!