Seven with Another

When I got a little email earlier in the year from the team at Seven with Another I could not have been more over the moon.

How fun to collaborate with another artist and get to exhibit the work at the Brisbane Powerhouse! Yippee!

The whole idea of Seven with Another has really inspired me to get out and collaborate more with different people. I have ideas galore!!

The creators of Seven with Another believe that great minds really do think alike… no matter how different they are. By inviting seven pairs of creatives from diverse fields to work together, they are challenging them to look past their vastly different creative processes and skill sets and concentrate instead on what they do best – being creative. The resulting collaborative artworks could be disastrous, or they could be truly mind-blowing, but what they definitely won’t be is boring!

You don’t get to pick your creative collaborator – they do! It was a totally fun experience to be paired up with a stranger and to start brainstorming together right away. The only requirement is that it is linked into a particular theme. Which this time was ‘Seven’!

Very fun!

I got to team up with a lovely designer called Erin Lightfoot. You can check out her beautiful work over here.

We spent quite some time mulling over a whole range of ideas! Picking one was the hardest part.


To get to this idea we walked through 7 great ideas… each one we mused over and mulled. We had weekly meetings with yet more ideas!
However this piece is a collection of all these ideas. Part street art, part photography, part digital artwork and part film, part collection of childhood and nostalgia, part fun and play, this installation is about history and seeing the child within.

Using Erin’s gorgeous childlike pattern as a backdrop we asked people around Brisbane for a story from when they were 7 years old. Setting up a very portable studio and literally walking around town with it. The results are a series of large montage images and a short film with the stories collected.

Hope you enjoy, and very special thanks to the lovely people who let us interview them!


Special thanks to everyone at Seven with Another. I loved being involved and really appreciated the invite.