Posing in the rain, just posing in the rain…

I don’t normally photograph in the rain. If it is rainy I suggest a re-schedule. For Shane Emmett’s shoot there was no other day possible. He was in Brisbane for just one day and it was now or never. So we got wet. VERY WET.
Wetter then I think I have ever been. It is surprisingly hard to move in wet jeans and boots full of water. I made Shane jump off rocks and lay in puddles and wet grass. He was a trooper and kept going despite at least a dozen ant bites. It was slow work wiping my lenses every 2min and Shane was especially patient!

Despite all this we did manage to get some lovely photos of this seriously handsome man. He is an actor and presenter and generally all round wonder! If you don’t know him you should go see more of him here! You might have seen his Tropfest winning film too?? See it here. It is AMAZING!! He made it with this clever guy, Jason.

Not everyone looks this good wet! I know I did not! 😉