Our complete website is finally here!

Friends, you feared it might never happen. You assumed we were just hot air. That our repeated assurances of ‘our new site is under construction‘ were the online equivalent of ‘the cheque’s in the mail‘. But I, Andrew, am here to tell you to put your slippers on and gather your kids because I have some news…

You Can’t Be Serious is proud to announce the official launch of their new website www.youcantbeserious.com.au! *cue streamers and thunderous applause*

Featuring a sparkling new landing page that effortlessly directs you to the various sub-sites, we think that you will now be able to get a feel for the broad range of work we are able to do. There’s short films, web promos, music videos, commercial photography, graphic design, fun personal projects, kid’s animations, and links to new projects that we’re working on as well.

Special thanks must go to our tireless online consultant programmer developer genius technician… guy…  Keiran for putting up with my repeated changes of direction and design. We were unable to present him with a challenge he couldn’t overcome… although we gave it our best shot!

Hailey has edited together a very entertaining showreel which is supported by a very sprightly backing track kindly provided by the fantastic local lads Hungry Kids of Hungary. Definitely check them out if you feel your feet tapping.

And lastly, we’d love to connect with you via Facebook or Twitter so please click on the link on the main page to make sure you never miss out on what we’re up to.

Hope you enjoy looking around and feel free to get in touch if you have any queries about our work!