Northern NSW family photography

It has been ages since I did a bumper family portrait post. So I am excited to share this lovely little family with you!

While I make and direct lots of films now, I am thrilled to say that we still take family portraits! We don’t have as much time as we used to for this but we do love to photograph families enjoying each other. I especially love and feel super duper honored when a photographer asks us to photograph their family. Really there’s nothing more flattering!



This gorgeous family are the Kwintowski’s and they have a lovely photography business of their own!

I ended up doing this shoot twice… Mostly because I LOVED to hang out with them! (Also because sometimes I get crazy ideas that work out great and sometimes I get crazy ideas that don’t really work!) Remind me to tell you about the time I put a family of four in a very small boat!


Also just a little note, we are taking bookings for the week of the 20th January 2014 for Melbourne. We will be in town and can do family portraits, small video projects and even some mentoring! If you are interested send us an email!