Natural waterbirth of Theo

Here is a birth video I did recently. The natural waterbirth of my newest Nephew… Theo.

Georgia is my little sister, she is also the most AMAZING mum I know. She is married to Errol, a lovely partner and beautiful support during this birth. She has two cute cute babies and delights and writes about them here on her blog.
Please go check out her blog… it is so inspiring!

I don’t think there is anything more amazing or more of a privilege to witness than the birth of a child.. To be able to film and photograph births makes me so happy! I am completely honored whenever someone hires me to do this. If your interested in having your birth filmed or photographed please do email me. You can see another one here…

While this is a birth video do not FEAR. Breasts and breastfeeding but otherwise discreet. Also here are a few images to tell the story…