iPhone and iPad film-making tutorial

Here’s a project we have been plotting for some time.

I love making films on my iPhone and have also been teaching my kids to do this with their iPads. Recently Andrew and I decided it was time to create a simple and FUN tutorial that would help anyone to make their own iPhone/iPad film. (In September I will be speaking on this very subject at the Problogger conference too!)

The web based tutorial is available now in our handy new shop! Check it out. Here is a sneak peek at what is included:

We show you how we made the #findinglove iPhone film and even include video tutorials on editing in iMovie. Also there’s lots of video examples to help guide you!

There’s lots of technical help with how to get your films onto your computer and how to edit them…

and lots of inspiration to help get your own ideas flowing.

Here is an iphone film I made recently. Currently it has over 10,000 views and is about finding love hearts. For something made on an iPhone it is doing very well!

Also here’s a little film I helped my 13 year old daughter and her friend create. The tutorial will help you make films like this and more!

This tutorial is aimed at helping you get started in film-making. The principles you learn here will help you with any camera you use. Simple to use with lots of fun graphics we’re sure you will enjoy it very much. For a limited time we are selling it for only $AUD39.95.

Special thanks goes to Dusty Drozian for making this online tutorial work for us! If you have a project like this in mind he is THE man! He is amazing!