“I don’t care if I get hit by a bus tomorrow…”

Last month we were commissioned to create four mini-documentariesĀ for Suncorp Group in association with Brainheart. These videos describe the way Suncorp Brighter Futures grants are making a difference in the lives of people who are facing challenges. From a group of retired men making wheelchairs for kids in developing countries to disabled children learning to ride horses, these stories are so important.

Meeting the people involved, hearing the stories and putting the films together was a truly inspiring process. It is so encouraging to be hired to tell such positive stories and to be part of something that is making many people’s livesĀ better.

I hope you enjoy them too!

“There’s something that happens between a 500kg ball of muscle, and our kids, that’s quite magical”. – Julie

“I think he’s a genius – he can beat anyone at chess”. – Michael

“I don’t care if I get hit by a bus tomorrow. I’ve changed the lives of 6000 children!” – Des

“A lot of people see obstacles and allow them to be theĀ reason why they stop. I like to see them as opportunities and challenges to prove myself” – Tristan .


Client : Suncorp Group

Product: Brighter Futures Community Grants
Agency : Brainheart
Creative Director: Rem BruijnĀ 
Production Co: You Can’t Be Serious!
Director: Hailey Bartholomew
Post Production: Cutting Edge Post
Editors : Annika Salisbury/Mike Jones
Online : Steve Leacey
Grade: Justin McDonald
Graphics: Jesse Richardson
Audio: Louai Naouri
Music Licensing : Tyler McLoughlan (The Sound Pound)