GirlUp – Australia

I am so very excited to be involved in the release of GirlUp in Australia.

Before making these films I had no idea what GirlUp was, but now I know!  GirlUp is all about empowering girls in countries like Australia and the US to get together in clubs with the purpose of helping and supporting girls their age in developing nations. It is a great cause and hopefully from these videos many other girls will be inspired to start their own clubs. I know my girls are super inspired!!

Special thanks to Cathie Reid for initiating this project and getting me to make these films! It was a total delight to be involved with this wonderful project.

Take a look at these stories and if you like them please share them with the young girls in your lives.


The first film is Sascha’s own story and experience with starting up her GirlUp club.


This next one is aimed more at parents who might want to know what the experience was like from a parents point of view – and also from a teachers point of view.


Hope you enjoy and are inspired to start a club too!