Finding LOVE.

I have been working on some Low-fi film-making. Something I totally enjoy doing!

We are creating a super cool tutorial on filming and editing with iphone or ipad. It should be out in the next few weeks and you’ll be able to buy it from our shop.
Even better, if you’re really interested in making your own films, come along to this amazing Pro Blogging event. I will be showing you HOW to make films on a shoestring!

So extremely excited to be invited to speak!! Hope to see you there!

Here is a little film I did a couple of weeks ago. It is something that has been on my mind for some time. I think 365grateful taught me so very much… and keeps on teaching me so much. This little film about finding hearts… it’s my little reminder that I will keep finding what I look for… such a powerful and amazing concept to grasp.

This was made on my iPhone and edited on iMovie (which you can use on your ipad! for only 5.99!)

In three weeks of walking on our beach every couple of days we found 352 heart rocks (thanks to the kids and friends who helped too!).
I also used this cool app, 8mm for making my iphone footage look a little old fashioned.

You can see above a little postcard we did with some of the hearts we found.

IF you want to share with us your natural heart photos, please email me at or

Amazing thing is it seems a similar theme has been on my mother’s mind too! She just spoke at a TEDX talk in Noosa. You can see it here. Great minds think alike! Speaking for TED talks has been one of my mum’s life goals and I am thrilled she did this and so amazingly well. But then again no surprises there. She is pretty amazing at anything she sets her mind to. Please do check it out. Check it out here!