Coming soon… CHRISTMAS!

Well believe it or not this year is coming to an end… but not before a bit of CHRISTMAS!!!

I love doing funny photo cards/postcards and wanted to show you this years version.

If you would like to be on the mailing list to get one of these christmas cards… please email me your address and I will happily post out with sweet wishes!


If anyone would like to book a photo session to use for a christmas card, please contact ASAP – as we are filling up the last few spots.


Time to get ready for the SILLY SEASON!!



Just for ideas and fun.. here is our card from last year! 

Last Christmas one of my favourite clients had the photographs we took made into all sorts of fun goodies!!

Below is a picture of her postcards, cards, stickers and gift tags. All things you can order YOURSELF through this wonderful place…. MOO.COM