Christmas gifts??

We are running a little behind here but if anyone hasn’t got a great christmas present yet. I HAVE found a 4 wonderful ones!!

I was recently approached by a company called Mind Gardenerā„¢. It was so exciting having them purchase my images for use on such a great product.
Here is a little bit about their products….

Mind Gardenerā„¢ is an Australian initiative that brings together a series of resources that contain information, ideas, exercises and tips that will guide your growth and help you flourish in a particular area of life.
Mind Gardener authors spend their time translating the growing body of knowledge on the mind and research on the brain, so that you can navigate quickly to the information and actions that will make a difference in your life.

It is so nice to see my images all printed up and designed into great products. Very satisfying!

I have included an image of my favorite “tip” because we all know being Grateful has taught me HEAPS!! However I just read over one of the ‘Clear mind’ boxes and was so inspired!! (and I do believe my mind cleared!!)

Check out their website here: