Band – music video sneak peek!!

From births… we now move on to bands. (OOH i love my job!)

We had a super fun (and very hot!) weekend shooting a music video for Fushia, a local up and coming band.

It was very hot and sweaty in Ryan’s (the lead singer guy) room. 20 people packed in like sardines dancing to the bands song ERASER.

When I finish editing I will load the video, but for now, some photos to give you all a little taste of what it shall be like!



Here is Pancho, (cameraman and lighting tech and a bit of everything… general great guy), after one of the scenes was shot…. he couldn’t open his eyes because they were full of feather dust!


The lights were too bulky to set up in Ryan’s bedroom so here is Andrew (lighting/hunkaspunk/helper) and Pancho working out the lighting system in the little black box we created for the lights…. outside the bedroom window.


Here I am shooting crazy rabbit head…. (thanks to Pancho for this shot)


Next day we shot at this fantastic semi tip – semi mine location. Here are the boys shading themselves while we set up the bed in the field.


and now resting between shots….


now a little posing…


and lastly Pancho getting the last shot of the day….


A huge and SPECIAL thanks to all the fantastic extras who sweated a bunch… also Pancho and Andrew – couldn’t have done it without you guys.