Africa. Beautiful family

It is annoying to me how much work I have here sitting on my hard drives yet to be loaded to our blog or website!
Africa is one such trip that has yet to make it online and boy-oh-boy am I thrilled to finally post something about that amazing trip.
It kind of feels surreal and far, far away now. But preparing this post I was thrown back into the feelings and things I saw/experienced.

You have to travel a long time to get to Tanzania! I had been awake for 36hrs and was flying in a small airplane that had something wrong with the air conditioning… I had sweat pouring down my face and as I sat looking out the window I was overtaken with fear… more than I have felt in a long time. We were flying over a lot of storm clouds and the grey sky was amazing but very eerie. I asked myself why I had left my perfectly comfortable life and flown across the world to (what seemed at the time) risk my life and make myself incredibly uncomfortable…. afraid. I don’t think I have ever felt so far far away from everything.

I know how to deal with myself when I get a little bit ‘freaked’ so I quickly put a beautiful song on my ipod and got out a notebook. I listed all the reasons why I wanted to do this job and why I love to travel and then I looked again out the window and instead of having a panic attack I felt the biggest wave of gratitude. How amazing to be so far away. To witness a sky so incredible. To see the things I am seeing and frankly if it is my time to go it is my time to go. 😉

So without further ado. Here is the first family I met on my trip, the very next morning after my flight above…. A beautiful Tanzanian widow and her gorgeous children who are sooo grateful that someone here in Australia thought it was a good idea to gift a goat to her family. It made a huge difference to their lives. So much so, her lovely son even drew a picture of the goat that helped improve their quality of life. Hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed taking them! Also below you can see she has learned to do sun dried fruit and vegies thanks to the training offered by TEAR’s partner in Tanzania.

Thank you TEAR for trusting me with this work I love so much. Feel free to take a look at this great appeal below.

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