I have wanted to post up my last few 365. GRATEFUL photos for so long! If you don’t know about this project please check out the series on my flickr account here.

I took a Polaroid every day of something I was grateful for.

Not only was it a fun photographic exercise, more importantly it has taught me to be grateful! To live more in the moment and to delight in what I have, rather then always wanting.  To see how clearly delightful my family are. To enjoy and remember the wonderful things my husband does for me. To see how powerful and amazing it is to view life from a more grateful and positive angle.


NOT only this! I have had emails and messages and amazing conversations with people who have been inspired by me.

It is humbling and so so surprising.

I am grateful, I am so so grateful for all those who have shared a little about their own journey with being grateful. Thanks so much for your kind comments and emails and letters that have continued to inspire me and others.

IF you would like to download the 6 page NOTEBOOK article here is a PDF to download – 365 GRATEFUL article from Notebook magazine

Meanwhile here is the last few polaroids that end this project.


I get asked a lot if I am continuing the project.

Yes I will!

However due to the expense of polaroid I have had to use a more digital design of late. I do miss the precious vintagy feel of the polaroid film, it feels more special and memoryish. I am grateful I managed to fund a years worth of film! Will post up some shots from my new series one day soon.

Warmest and best yours gratefully