365 grateful. 30 days of grateful in video

In Jan/Feb this year I decided to try a video version of 365 grateful. Because sometimes a still shot just doesn’t quite do it!

This is the little video I created with the grateful moments over 30 days… Hope you enjoy! You can find the fun music here: The Bobby McGees.

My current 365 grateful project (shot on the iphone) is coming along well. I really enjoy doing this everyday and the iphone version is very easy, as I always have it handy!! You can check it out at our posterous site.

If you’re interested, I use the: Shake it photo app.

I was so thrilled at the pretty montage Andrew did for me that I asked him to make me one for the Polaroid version of 365 Grateful. You can see this below. So fun to see all these beautiful moments together. Really is amazing to think I have been going on this since 2008.

If you have done a grateful project I would LOVE to see links or hear your stories and adventures with this. It has made such an impression on me and hearing how others find it worthwhile would be lovely!