Love. Family.

Here is a lovely family I photographed some months back. It is amazing seeing all the beautiful relationships and love between these guys. A total delight to hang out with Ann and her family on their beautiful property.

Ann has a lovely blog and is writing about her journey to turning 60yrs old! Sometimes I feel a wave of fear about getting older but when I hang out with amazing women like Ann and Susie I sense there is something very rich and wonderful about this journey that we all must take! 😉 These women fill me with hope and I am determined to be living my life with as much spunk and sparkle in my eyes as these two!!

Ann and her husband were wonderful to photograph. I hope you enjoy their images very much! I get to photograph a lot of couples but there is something magic about a couple who have weathered life and love for many years and still look into each other’s eyes with so much love.

I am totally honoured to be doing this as my job!