365 grateful

Here is a photo of an ordinary seagull sitting on the edge of a cliff.

I like this photo – I like the seagull’s skinny legs and littleness. Compared to the expanse of his surroundings, he is tiny!

I kind of feel like this bird. A couple of days ago we launched a new website and a few months ago we started serious work on our first documentary film. IT IS A HUGE PROJECT – not only is it a lot of work but actually kinda scary work!

You’re wondering and hoping it will work, hoping that people will connect with the content, hoping that you can still support your family and hoping that you actually can do what you set out to do!

So I looked at this little bird and then the other shots of him soaring into the sky and I felt inspired. He looked amazing as he took flight and did what he was made to do…

I think I might have been made to do this… (I hope that feeling is right!)

So without further delay I am happy to present the website for 365 Grateful – a documentary and project about gratefulness and how it affects happiness. My mother Toni Powell and I are directing and driving 365 Grateful, but we are all working on the project. Andrew designed the spiffy new site and our girls are always involved in their own way! I hope you come along with us for the ride!