Finding LOVE.

I have been working on some Low-fi film-making. Something I totally enjoy doing!

We are creating a super cool tutorial on filming and editing with iphone or ipad. It should be out in the next few weeks and you’ll be able to buy it from our shop.
Even better, if you’re really interested in making your own films, come along to this amazing Pro Blogging event. I will be showing you HOW to make films on a shoestring!

So extremely excited to be invited to speak!! Hope to see you there!

Here is a little film I did a couple of weeks ago. It is something that has been on my mind for some time. I think 365grateful taught me so very much… and keeps on teaching me so much. This little film about finding hearts… it’s my little reminder that I will keep finding what I look for… such a powerful and amazing concept to grasp.

This was made on my iPhone and edited on iMovie (which you can use on your ipad! for only 5.99!)

In three weeks of walking on our beach every couple of days we found 352 heart rocks (thanks to the kids and friends who helped too!).
I also used this cool app, 8mm for making my iphone footage look a little old fashioned.

You can see above a little postcard we did with some of the hearts we found.

IF you want to share with us your natural heart photos, please email me at or

Amazing thing is it seems a similar theme has been on my mother’s mind too! She just spoke at a TEDX talk in Noosa. You can see it here. Great minds think alike! Speaking for TED talks has been one of my mum’s life goals and I am thrilled she did this and so amazingly well. But then again no surprises there. She is pretty amazing at anything she sets her mind to. Please do check it out. Check it out here!

  • deb mcgwin

    I first met you on CL and i was so inspired – I bought your showreel and am excited to begin doing some of my own. You are so creative! Love all you do so keep doing it cuz it makes me happy and inspires all of us to appreciate everything everyday!

  • deb mcgwin

    I first met you on CL and i was so inspired – I bought your showreel and am excited to begin doing some of my own. You are so creative! Love all you do so keep doing it cuz it makes me happy and inspires all of us to appreciate everything everyday!

  • Michelle Fahlgren

    This is so awesome! I cannot WAIT for what you can teach about editing with an iPad. So perfect! Thank you for sharing, and I will be on the hunt for hearts to share. The philosophy is perfect- whatever you look for, you will find.

  • Ruth

    J’adore this!! Utterly beautiful and you’ve inspired me to start making some mini videos! Big love <3

  • Linda

    Beautiful, Hailey! And thanks for introducing me to your mom. You just made my day!

  • Kristy McCaleb

    Wow, I love this! I have started a reflection and gratitude journal and it is incredible to see all the blessings that I just didn’t see. Thank you!!

  • Brenda

    So very cool Hailey. I have a question, actually…2. What do you suggest using, when shooting with iphone for stabilization? Something similar to fig rig but on a budget and what lens kit if any. Thank you so much, I’m such a fan. :-)

  • Lee Docherty

    Beautiful Hailey. Our family does the same thing. We travelled around Australia last year and found them all over the place, its such a lovely thing to do. I had the absolute pleasure to met you at Sheye’s workshop last year and your words there have truly changed how I look at the world. Thank you.

  • rowe

    you are so amazing and inspiring in every way my sweet friend! im so lucky to know you… i love this reminder to keep looking for what i want in my life!

  • Margo Plowright

    hey “bartholomew crew”, so eating over 50,000 rocks really had a purpose, and I see your vision, love every last crumbly one of them. this is fantastic. margo x

  • Alison

    Indeed you are a gifted teacher Hailey Bartholomew! A life altering lesson, in such a gorgeous, fun & interesting package. Thank you for sharing what you’re learning. Thank you for being absolute delight!

  • Stacey

    What a lovely lovely video. And boy do I share that philosophy with you. Finding beauty is easy to find, when you look for it! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Lori

    Oh I am freaking out over this film! I am SO IN LOVE! Oh it’s the sweetest ever. I am sending you my most recent heart rock find. I want a poster of all your rocks! Huge hugs to all of you sweet people. xoxo!

  • Julia Barnickle

    I absolutely ADORE your video – so simple and so inspiring. (in fact, I’m going to share it with my group on this month’s programme!). I also love your mother’s video, for the same reasons. Thank you both for reminding me, in such wonderful ways, that we find what we look for – so let’s look for the good things. :-)

  • Cynthia Gentry

    This video is lovely. I think I will show it to some youth I teach. We have been using counting ‘clickers’ to count the good things in our lives each day. I would also like to know the name of the song and who sings it, in your video. It’s so pretty and fits so nicely with your finding love theme. Thanks. Please e-mail: bcgentry at juno dot com

  • Gloria Marteleur

    Whaw, it’s BEAUTIFUL ! (Here in Belgium)

  • Valeria

    Hola, que emoción me causo ver el video !!!!vivo en Argentina, en la ciudad de San Martín de los Andes y con mis hijos en el verano hacemos lo mismo !!!!
    Bye y Congratulations !!!!!
    Who is the singer of this song ?????
    Sorry for my english !!!!!!! :(


    WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for You

  • Alex

    I follow your on instagram for about one year and just took little time tonight to chek your website. Your work is amazing, both simple et emotionnally very powerfull ! Sometime I just wish you have added subtitles on your videos, cause as a french speaker it is not always easy to understand some details just earing… =) By the way the speach of your mother is really amazing too !

  • Hailey

    hi Alex,

    Thanks for popping in! Yes would be tricky if english not your first language! 😉
    So glad you enjoy my work.

    many thanks

  • Jane

    That was a great film and a great post!! Keep up the good job! I will be following!

  • Sandy King

    Love it , Love it… a new friend just connected me with your video, and being that it’s my birthday ( :) … this has turned into the greatest little present to watch.

  • Marie Z. Johansen

    Amazing! Delightful! You made my day! Thank you!

  • Quigley

    Hey there Hailey! Thanks for being the giant loveheart that you are in the virtual world as well as REAL LIFE! Thanks also for inspiring me to do a 30 Days of Love project at…. We are all having so much fun finding love in every day xxx

  • Matt from Sydney

    Remember the classic movie Mad Max? This is one of the famous films that made millions on a tiny budget. As they say, bigger isn’t always better. I hope you’ve been successful with your efforts here!

  • Leanne

    that is a REALLY FABULOUS video. I loved it so much. I am very inspired. thanks.