You Can’t Be Serious specialises in directing and producing digital video content, documentaries, TV ads, and commercial lifestyle photography. We love to collaborate closely with our clients and to create images and films that help connect them with their clients.

Hailey is an award-winning photographer and film-maker who loves to create work that is inspiring and colourful!  Andrew is a graphic designer and photographer. Along with their two daughters, they travel the world in search of the work they love to do – making films that matter, and photography that you’ll never forget.

Together they have also published a children’s book and accompanying short film ‘Ruby Who?‘ and a photographic book (published by Penguin) named ‘365 Gratefuls’.

Although they have enjoyed working with so many clients, here are some you might recognise: Philips, Nestlé, Schick, Subway, Proctor & Gamble, Suncorp Group, Peppermint Magazine, Queens Plaza and Guzman y Gomez.
If you have a creative project you’d like to chat about, please get in touch!

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Other Projects

Andrew Bartholomew Architectural Photography

Andrew is an architectural photographer and designer. This website showcases his photographic work which combines his composition skills and a fascination with architectural history and construction. Andrew has photographed buildings in Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Dubai, India, USA, Canada, New Zealand and Indonesia and is available for work nationwide in Australia.

365 Grateful

365 Grateful is a project started by Hailey back in 2008 that has grown into an online community, three short films and a book published world-wide by Penguin. During the project, Hailey took one photo every day of something she was grateful for. This discipline helped her to see and celebrate the good in her own life and affected not only the way she felt spiritually and physically but it improved her relationships with others too.

Ruby Who

Ruby Who? was created as a way to explain to children that having more ‘stuff’ doesn’t make life better; looking like the other kids won’t make you happy; it’s who you are when you’re being yourself that counts. The result is a short film and book that are playful, happy and poignant without being too preachy.

I Can Do This!

I Can Do This is a factual television series aimed at early teenagers by creators Hailey Bartholomew, James Greville and Laurel Davis.