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I have so many photos I have not blogged lately. Sooo before I go I must share one!! Most exciting to me is this amazing woman, Suse.

Suse is constantly inspiring me with her outlook and love of  life, her energy and excitement for meaningful conversation, the way she loves dogs and Eckhart Tolle and living in the NOW. I am so so inspired! I recently had the pleasure of interviewing her for a project I have brewing. While I have no time to do the full edited video, I hope to share this in the future. For now here are a few photos I took and some of her amazing words.

This is what I want to be like when I am 72!!!


The interview with Suse was on growing old, how it has been for her and the advice she offered.

Here is a little piece from our chat:

Hailey: “Suse what would you tell yourself about growing older if you met yourself again in your 20s?”

Suse: “Like a lot of women when I was in my 20s, I thought my value was in my looks and in my attractiveness –  but that takes you out of life and out of living. If I could go back I would tell myself – Don’t put that emphasis! It is put on us by society – I was not like that as a little girl! It is totally inhibiting and shuts down your awareness and enjoyment of life. You put your attention on what you see as your faults and how you can improve your looks. Therefore your attention is right away from the moment and relishing life! I would say FORGET IT KID!… now I am 72 and lost my looks and people still like me, they probably like me MORE! Forget all the bullshit about pleasing other people.. you never will!! Give up trying to please anybody else! Just Be yourself! Watch out for yourself… is this authentic? ask yourself… is this truly me? Do I feel this is right or am I trying to fit myself into some kind of a mold so that I am acceptable to others? Chuck that away!”

  • http://heartstoryphotography.com.au/blog Katie

    How great is Suse?! I want to be like her when I’m 72 too. :-)

  • http://www.someprettythings.com/blog Shannon

    I wouldn’t say she has lost her looks at all – what a fantastic lady!

  • http://www.upsidedownphotography.com Melanie Richeson

    Great advice! A nice reminder to stop obsessing over losing baby weight and to just enjoy life & my children.

  • http://www.kristingennaphotography.com Kristin

    It’s the best when you hear the right words at the right time! Thanks for posting this and thanks to Suse for her wise and important words!

  • Rachel

    She sounds like a smart lady :)
    And I think she is beautiful! And no, I don’t mean beautiful for her age… she’s beautiful for any age.

  • http://www.mybirthdayvenue.com/ Megan

    Oh wow! She doesn’t look at all 72. And she sounds great! She really looks like she’d lived a long happy life. I wanna be just like her too :) Hopefully surrounded by grandchildren!

  • http://www.holistictherapyconnections.com Nette

    Excellent advice from a beautiful lady. I think with anyone’s perception of ‘beauty’, they eyes just ‘have it’, and Suse’s eyes just sparkle :) ! She’s got it. Thanks for posting this Hailey…like someone else commented…right things come at the right time. Really needed to hear this kind of thing.

  • Georgia

    You can tell Suse from me that she HAS NOT LOST her looks! She’s beautiful and I’d be delighted to look like her!

  • http://www.pobkephotography.com/blog Christine

    Suse rules. and YOU rock. what an awesome post! and congrats on all the features… you deserve it! :)

  • http://madeuphappy.blogspot.com TK

    what a enlivening beautiful person Suse is! Her words brightened my day! =)

  • tala

    Oh I love Suse. What a kindred spirit with a beautiful smile. Love the photos!

  • angela

    so divine – you captured her spirit

  • http://www.frankkelly.blogspot.com Frank

    72! I hope I look that good at 52! Beautiful images.

  • http://cindyleejones.com Cindy Lee

    What an inspiring human being…. I wish I had someone like that in my life.
    Thank you for sharing her here. :-)