Warm sun!

OOH I love sunshine in winter!

This is just a little post of my darlings who make me smile with their delight in picking weeds! (and my delight in photographing weeds too!!)


  • http://www.flickr.com/bendoodat bene

    i LOVE these. The first one is my favourite. What processing did you use? It’s stunning.

    Z looks so old! 😀

  • Elise

    As I said over at Flickr, these really do make me feel warm. (I’m in the middle of moving house and using the gas oven for heat in this tiny place.) I adorrre the first one.

  • Rachel (Piper_h)

    Beautiful. I love the warm colors… your girls are so cute!

  • http://www.agirlinlove.com/heretoday melissa

    oh it’ so good to see this golden sun, I’ve been loving it so much here across the world!

  • http://www.shesawthings.com she saw things {jen}

    those weeds are made so beautiful by her gorgeousness and your amazing photography!