Us. In Melbourne.

We recently spent 8 days in Melbourne and had a most wonderful time too! Visiting all our favourite and long missed places and people.

My dear dear friend Julie Renouf managed to shoot a few portrait shots for us. I am sooooo SOOO over the moon with these! I am can’t stop looking at them. It was a freezing cold day and we only shot for all of 10min, but I will always treasure these shots. So rare to get shots with me and my darlings.

Hope you enjoy and check out Julies website, she does more commercial work normally. Julie is a great mentor to me with photography and business. She is also the photographer who took me under her wing when I was starting out! I assisted her when we lived in Melbourne. She is more then wonderful!!

Hope you enjoy…img_9667





p.s my dress is from an OP shop!! (oh yes!) and the girls are wearing BIG by Fiona Scanlan and my darling man is wearing my dads vintage suit!!

  • bene

    Z’s dress is AMAZING.
    she should wear it always. Are you keeping?
    love these shots – you guys are the cutest family!

  • B&W Photography

    Girl’s dresses are amazing!! Very cool session!

  • Robyn Geering

    wow, these are amazing, your family is just too gorgeous. I would treasure these photos too.

  • Rachel

    Fantastic! You guys are adorable!

  • maria mrasek

    p.s your beautiful!

  • Natala

    HAiley – These are gorgeous!!! Amazing backdrop and clothes – you are THE most good looking family! Poppy has grown up so much I hardly recognized her!! Love you. T

  • alpana

    fantastic! these are all so fun.

  • rachel

    i so wish that i could have met you all when you were in town. i hope that the next time you all are here, we will be as well! these are so fun.

  • peta

    how fantastically, wonderfully fabulous are these and you and your family?! I hope I get to meet you guys one day!!


  • michelle

    you have the most beautiful family – and these pics totally rock! I love them ALL!!!!

  • Sarah Black

    Seriously (or not) a visit to your blog is like a little Friday night trip to happyland. Thanks for sharing all of it.