Tips for cultivating a creative life

This morning we had the honour of talking at the very cool GiddyUp Breakfast Club.

They asked us to talk about our experiences of cultivating a creative life – as a family. To help us explain some of the things we have learnt along the way, we hired a very special illustrator (Miss Zali) to create some lovely pictures for us.

We thought it would be great to share it here with you too! In fact, if you’d like to win a shiny new print of this sheet, please leave a comment below. We will choose 10 to send a copy to. Anywhere you happen to be.

We certainly hope you find this useful and hope it sparks something new and exciting in your journey!





  • Marianne Andersen

    I would love to have a copy of this beautiful post in my home. It will always remind me to follow my heart and dreams. Mostly because the post is a beautiful work of art.

  • Michelle Davies

    What a fun print! How awesome that Miss Zali got to design that for you!

  • Shan

    As a new mama, I’ve spent the last few months delving deep and questioning who I am and what I stand for. I’m realising that after all these years of believing that I’m not creative, that actually, all I’m yearning to do is create… Create bits and bobs, stories, opportunities, memories for my precious baby. I saw this image on insty and it was like a divine sign from the Universe. And for that- I thank you all!!! Xx

  • Emily

    What a wonderful way to remind yourself of keeping focus on the important things. Zali is a talented illustrator! Its so inspiring to see your family living this philosophy everyday 😀

  • Kel

    I love the quest for creativity and innovation and see it as a long term journey. What a gorgeous little poster and reminder. Good job Miss Zali!

  • Fleur Verhoeven

    I just absolutely love this and Zali’s drawings are awesome! Would love to put this in a frame in my bedroom to look at in the morning and encourage myself to be creative and do what I love to do.

  • Louise Fletcher

    I needed a reminder and this is something I can share with my girls. Thank you.

  • Emma

    Thanks YouCan’tBeSerious for such a thought provoking talk yesterday! I loved it… So much so that I started painting today… Something I’ve been meaning to do [for me] for AGES!! Thanks for the inspiration! Em xo

  • Ally Bibby

    Thank you guys for bringing a smile to my face … what amazing illustrations Zali. And they share such great insight too. All of this has been swirling around in my head lately and then I saw your ‘handout’ and thought it was perfectly timed! So, thank you for sharing your knowledge. What an experience presenting together must have been for your family … Amazing! May there be many more to come …

  • Ellie

    Thank you for the beautiful reminder!

  • Ana Dorado

    What a great reminder of keeping things simple and to stay true to oneself (and oh… how hard that can be at times, why?!) Thanks for sharing. Great illustrations Zali!!

  • Gaby

    I would love one they look great!

  • Beck

    I love this. Most articles on creativity are about making something – this is about you- setting yourself up for the best life for you – and that is a creation in itself.

  • Karen T

    I would love to have one of these on my wall to help give me a daily kick in the pants to appreciate all that I have. To remind me of the values and ideas I want to impress upon my beautiful children. Your whole family is so creative and talented, it amazing!!

  • Amanda

    So wonderful! I would love to own one of Zai’s illustrations. She’s amazing!


    There once was a time, not so long ago, where I felt alive, happy, and free when I created. Then life decided to throw several curve balls my way and now I feel lost. I have the desire to create, but have no direction. I have the materials, but not sure what to do with them. I need to find my way again to where my soul sings. I believe this fantastic poster would be an excellent reminder and tool to help me find my way. :-)

  • Vanessa Marques

    Hello! I would really love to have this postcard! It’s the perfect reminder. Thank you for creating and sharing it!

  • Louise

    Great poster! A creative life check list is what everyone needs. Thanks.

  • Jess Glynn

    Wonderful post to read first thing in the morning and incredible illustration from Miss Zali as always! <3 I have the perfect frame for this piece just waiting to be used In my room! My fingers and toes are crossed :-)

  • Karen harries

    Gosh, this would look great on my new inspiration board in my studio which I am just starting to set up now.

  • Hannah Cyr

    Absolutely LOVE this…everything about it!

  • Susanna

    Love the tips! This will come in handy when I struggle to focus and need encouragement.

  • Jennifer

    How fun! The tips are fantastic, but the illustrations really make it awesome. #5 cracks me up! Well done!

  • Sandy

    I find this overly useful in my life right now and I’m so thankful I stumbled upon it today….a blessing!

  • Rachel

    I always love your view on life as an artist and as a parent. I would love to hang this on my wall for a daily reminder.

  • Carly

    Fabulous art work and tips. What a beautiful reminder. Thank for sharing your wisdom and encouragement.

  • Larissa Joice

    I love this. and it’s something that is very much needed in my life. I need reminders of these things as it is so easy to forget. Plus… it’s my birthday today :)

  • Mafer Montezuma

    You and your family are a huge inspiration! You can’t imagine how grateful I am!! I would looooove to have a little of your creation. My daughters adore Zali! Thank you so much from The bottom of my heart for all you do!!

  • Lauren

    Thanks for always being such an inspiration to so many people! Your work and words encourage me to strive for more and to pursue things that make me come alive and benefit others. I think even though an entrepreneurial mentality is becoming more common, the heart of the matter of doing what you love can often go against the grain of our culture… keep being wonderful and sharing the truth and power of living life to the fullest!

  • Ricky

    I’m 1 year too late :( … but I’d love one :)

  • Gibby Booth

    I love this! Great advice. The illustrations are beautiful and refreshing and are way more powerful than computer made images would be. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nataly Contreras

    Thanks for inspire me :)

  • Michoula

    This is lovely. The diamond topped pile of poop was especially delightful. It’s an odd sundae isn’t life? and some days are like that. But then love and joy can lift us into big space. Thank you for sharing your vision with the world.

  • Beth Driggers

    Thank you for this! My favorite is, ‘write goals to cover all areas of your life’ — while true ‘balance’ may not be possible, it IS possible to recognize which areas of your life need attention, or which bring you the most joy. Thanks again, and happy living!

  • Gabrielle

    <3 number 1 – knowing yourself is important – sticking to who you are is a wonderful gift to yourself and others :)

  • teeks

    This is great! I really took thought in each illustration. Each one is really important.

  • Ruth

    Great tips! I especially like to last one. Gratefulness keeps you present. Enjoy the ride although there may be rough bumps.