The Light that Shines.

When Sue Bryce called and told me the story of Jill Brzezinski-conley and how she wanted to document a story in Paris. I said YES! and less then 2 weeks later I was in Paris with some amazing women doing an amazing project.

This is my first documentary. I am so proud and excited to share a story that has been close to my heart and mind for the last few months.

When I think of this process and the film I feel so grateful.
How did I get here? I am doing what I was born to do. I get to tell stories with film!! I feel especially honored to be the one to help tell this story. Sue Bryce knows so many film-makers and it is me she asked to capture this!

Sue Bryce. Firstly thank you so much for trusting me with this project. Thankyou for telling so many people about my work. Every time I think about this I feel overwhelmed with honor. That you would want to share a creativeLIVE with me makes me so insanely honored and humbled. I love the way we bounce off each other on these projects we do. Thank you for your generosity to me and my family. The way you embraced our way of life and included our kids – just makes me so very happy and at home. Your inclusiveness is inspiring and heartwarming. I admire you so much. Working for you produces some of my very best work because you trust me and yet expect lots.

Jill. I want to thank you for being so open and sharing your story. You are sooo beautiful and fun and full of bounce for life. You so very kindly trusted me to tell this story… You had no idea what I would make and you were so very open. Thank you! Also for UN-ending patience with me as I film and film again. Jill most of all you have made me re- think my negative thinking around things that are of little consequence. I feel so very grateful to have met you and to be the one to spend time getting to know you and your story. One of the most wonderful aspects of film-making to me is meeting and being around people I normally would never get the opportunity to be with. Also that I am then allowed to ask them anything I want!! 😉 Thank you – you are a light that shines. Poppy so loved seeing and being with you in LA and we hope to hug you again soon dear one!

Bart. YOU my friend are amazing. This film for me is a LOVE story. Your love is inspiring. Thank you for being such a great man. An inspiring beautiful man who even when things are so so hard you stand by your love and take on all that comes. Your big heart and beautiful care for Jill are just amazing. I am inspired by YOU. Thankyou also for your happiness to be in the film and help me get the best shots. I was delighted to be around you and Jill.

Nikki. Thank you for instigating all this! It is amazing how one little email could propel such a cool project. What a beautiful friend you are and also a lovely soul too. I so enjoyed all our chats and that you are so very committed to Jill. Thank you also for being so open in your interviews and filming.

I also want to thank Sally, Sarah, Marc and Tiffany and Jamie!! All who were so kind to me and helped make this film all that it could be!

Also dear Rowe who gave up her time to do sound on the Paris section of the shoot. YOU my dear friend are the most fun! You make me laugh more then anyone I know. Thank you for being amazing and lending time to this and for traveling with me and for your sweet friendship.

Digby The most enormous thankyou to YOU!! You have been a huge part of this film. Editing with you has been amazing. Thanks for your patience and heart and kindness. Thank you for exploring options and pushing past the blocks. Thank you for helping me see my work differently. Thank you for helping me trawling through the endless rushes from this very happy over-shooter. YOU are so gifted and so inspiring and so incredibly switched on. It is an honor to work with you.

Dear Universe/God/Power-bigger-then-me I need to say thank you I am so grateful to be here and to be doing what I love and feel born to do and I need to say thank you for taking me here. Thank you for all the hard stuff in between too because all of these things are helping to be all I can and each time I face my fears you meet me here. Thank you for helping me find what it is I LOVE to do thank you for inspiration and challenges and all that has got me to here.
I see you. I hear you. I am inspired and fired by you.


See Sue Bryce’s photos and behind the scenes magazine here:

  • Leanne Ambrogio

    Hailey this is just the most beautiful story so perfectly told – congratulations xx Leanne

  • Rebecca

    I am in awe of your amazing work. Since being introduced to your work by Sue and watching you on CreativeLive I am even more inspired. Thank you for sharing Jill’s story and for sharing your own as well. All the best and continued success. ~ Rebecca

  • Aseel

    Hailey – you opened up your heart and shared so freely. Thank you! This documentary is beautifully done, and you can tell that everyone who worked on it, did so with all their heart. Thank you for being a great teacher & an amazing person.

  • Lindsey

    So beautiful, so glad I didn’t put makeup on before I watched this. You all captured so much emotion and so much beauty that will last forever. Thank you so much for sharing this and inspiring me in a way that makes me feel like photography and videography isn’t just my job, but it’s my place in life to capture these things to share.Thank you.

  • Tracy

    Thank you Hailey. I saw the original conversation between Sue and Jill on CL and was incredibly moved by Jill’s story as everyone has been. I kept an eye on Sue’s blog and when I saw that you were going to go and shoot I knew that the result would be incredibly moving. But how you tell Jill’s story is a testament to the incredible artist you are. You are inspiring beyond measure, humble, creative, quirky, true. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with Sue on CL.

  • Michelle Sokolich

    Amazing…you were definitely born to do this!

  • Jyoti

    Hailey… your humility though all of this in spite of all your creativity, your attitude towards life and your family, your sense of gratitude… is inspiring and encouraging… both at the same time. :) Thank you… for coming to creative live and into our lives and bringing this amazing story to us… in such a beautiful way. :) Thank you! :)

  • Peter Liddicoat

    Hailey,…. Very beautifully and tastefully shot story. I hope this leads to many great projects for you.

  • Gary Fong

    Wow. It was beautiful, sad, inspiring and loving all at once. You are a great film maker.

  • Indigene Theresa Gaskin

    I just viewed this beautiful video! I couldn’t stop crying. It is a beautiful testimony of the wonderful light that shines in all of us. My sister’s birthday is today, she would have been 53 years old, she died a year ago of a radical form of breast cancer, and today your beautiful shining video, made me laugh and cry, thank you for making her birthday memory richer by sharing another amazing woman’s story. Thank you, thank you!

  • Jo Joyner

    My dear girl,I’m Jo and I’m 61 years old and have a complete fusion in my neck and my lumbar also,fybromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis in my feet my toes are pulled under my feet,walking is difficult. But I see the courage in your beautifull eyes and the smile that reaches those beautiful eyes. You FIGHT dear,you FIGHT,NEVER LET FEAR TAKE OVER YOUR LIFE.You have been through such painfull medical procedures and I know that some times you just feel like giving up.But YOU CAN’T!!! Take it from me on the worst day of your life,life is still worth living.You can beat this not just with medical procedures but also with laughter.Laughter I have found to be one of the best non medical things to do ever.If you’re afraid let the fear in but only give it 7 minutes.Count to 7 and let the fear flow in and then STOP IT and go on with your life with your brave and loving husband.You are in control,prayers are said for you and healing vibrations are sent your way. But use your best instrument LAUGHTER. I don’t think I could have made it to 61 without finding the humor in every situation.I’m so sorry that you have been put through all of this at such a young age it’s unfair,but then life can be hard at times,but we still have to live the life we have.Whenever the pain is at it’s worst think of Jo in North Carolina Laughing for you and feel free to join me.I hope you don’t think me mad,out of my mind,I’m neither,just another loving sister who loves you and wants you to LIVE LIVE LIVE. All my best,Jo Joyner

  • Maria B Demere

    What a beautiful story!! Hailey you are a beautiful person both inside and out. Watching this was very bitter sweet for me. I was Diagnosed with stage 2 breast Cancer in 2004, I was 49 at the time. It was the hardest thing I have ever been thru. This July 2013 I celebrated my 9th yr Anniversary. I have had countless Surgeries and many many issue’s re my health, but I’m still here! My younger Sister got Diagnosed with Stage 3B Cancer last Sept. She has finished all of her treatment and now has to take Tamoxifin for 5+years. The med isn’t agreeing with her and 2 weeks ago her Dr thought she had Bone Cancer. Thank God she didn’t but she’s having a real rough time. My heart is broken but continue to believe she will be OK. Your story was inspiring, honest, and spiritual. Thank you to everyone involved. My dream is to go to Paris before I leave this earth and put my lock on the bridge and toss the key in the water. God bless you friends and Family.

  • Maria B Demere

    I ment to make my comment to Jill.